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My RHONJ theory following the Giudice Sentencing


Because this is pretty much the last season of reality TV Teresa will be on, at least for the next two years, the ratings will go up to see the last season of Teresa Giudice. This could be the show’s last season entirely depending on Bravo’s feelings about the Giudices going away.

If the show is…

"Big Ang attacks Renee Graziano during filming; Karen Gravano & Alicia DiMichele returning"

So apparently this upcoming season of Mob Wives won’t be as boring as some people have been reporting it to be.
Recently, the Wives were apparently filming at an event when Big Ang lost her cool on Renee, chasing after her and attempting to attack her. Reports say that she was full of emotions at the event. Reasons behind the alleged attempted assault were not given.
And, in other news, Karen Gravano is most likely back on Mob Wives. The biggest indicator of this is Natalie’s recent tweets calling out Renee & Karen. Karen has even tweeted a few things about this upcoming season, and has also posted a photograph or two of her with her cast alliance Renee Graziano.
Alicia DiMichele has dodged prison time, and hopes to return to Mob Wives this season. However, it is currently unknown whether or not VH1 will bring her back. However, like Karen, she has posted pictures of herself with her cast alliance Natalie during filming.

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