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The Shahs of Sunset are back, and they have a new girl that has replaced Lilly! No information has been released about the new woman on the left side of GG, as Bravo has not updated the Shahs webpage on I’m sure more is to come, including the official premiere date in October (most like a Tuesday or a Thursday), the new girl’s info, and an official trailer. For now, here’s the promo.

VH1/Big Brother News: Angelique Morgan, also known as Frenchy, is a former VH1 star that was on Rock of Love, Charm School, and I Love Money. Now, Angelique has returned to reality TV screens once again as she is a participant in Celebrity Big Brother 2014 in the UK! Above is basically a profile of Frenchy for the show.

Another weird fact - she’s on the show with Gary Busey, who she at one point apparently dated!

Current Bravo Shows Potentially Destined for Cancellation

  • The Singles Project. Their ratings are abysmal. The series premiere only had an estimated 384,000 viewers. Even if they were to air the show on a different night, ratings anywhere near that would get the show cancelled mid-season on another network.
  • Jersey Belle: Reportedly the show hasn’t even hit 500,000 estimated views. The show will be easily forgotten on the network and will not see another season unless Bravo has open space in their line-up that they need to fill.
  • Game of Crowns: Not only has this show been given negative reviews by both viewers and critics alike, but the ratings indicate a second season will not happen. The highest episode was the premiere episode which was in the 600,000’s, and not a single episode since has hit those ratings. The biggest thing that stands out about the show’s turn-off factor is what shows they have as lead-ins. Bravo hits RHONJ & RHOC, as well as Below Deck & Don’t Be Tardy, have all aired before episodes of Game of Crowns and the ratings are still terrible. This means people are turning away from Bravo the moment that these other shows are done so that they don’t have to watch Game of Crowns. So this show is doomed as well.
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