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The dramatic opening narration for season 2 of the Real Housewives of Miami

  • Lisa:

    Miami is a sexy city, but there's a lot of jealous people in Miami. You learn to overcome being too nice because you can't be too nice here. People will walk all over you.

  • Karent:

    You have the nouveau riche and then you have the real rich, and they are always trying to outdo the other one. I laugh at all this competition. I could care less what the other women think or say.

  • Ana:

    The who's who in Miami is determined 100% by who's got what and how much. It's all smoke and mirrors to be in Miami society. I think you should earn it.

  • Joanna:

    I see the old and new Miami. The older crowd, they demand respect and they want to show that they're bigger and better than everybody else. Just shut up! We're like the newer girls. If you're intimidated by us - sorry! There is a new Miami.

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